5 Cool Ideas to Spice-up your Coffee

You woke up with the sound of the alarm and the bright yellow rays of the sun flooded your entire room. You reached the kitchen and grabbed a cup of freshly brewed coffee to take your lethargy away. After finishing your caffeinated drink, you feel energized and restored. The early morning of the following day, you did the same coffee routine, and it has become an endless cycle of normalcy. Have you ever felt the same thing that your daily coffee is becoming dull and lifeless despite its energy-releasing quality?.

Set aside your worries, as I have collected 5 cool ideas to bring your coffee to life!

In a vast world of the internet, there are a ton of ideas out there to spice up our daily coffee. Some people recommend various ways such as coffee with ice cream, butter coffee, and the recent trend, Dalgona coffee. They are great ideas, however, If you are a busy person, the amount of time you spend at a coffee break must also be taken into consideration. I would personally suggest making things easier and simpler by sorting into ingredients that are readily available in our homes and supermarkets.

So here are 5 cool ideas to spice up your coffee:

Coffee with Ginger

This sounds a wee bit strange but if you simply think of the health benefits of both coffee and ginger, you would rather give it a shot, isn't it?. The ginger releases a spicy aroma and flavor that can provoke the feeling of relaxation and warmth. While coffee, on the other hand, can boost the blood flow in your body, ginger will help make you feel even better through the warm sensation it provides. It also reduces stomach acid, which by the way, is a common problem in drinking too much coffee.  

Coffee and Cinnamon

Ah, this one is a match made in heaven! Cinnamon is such a universal spice that a few pinches of this fine magic dust can elevate your coffee to a different mood. Though I still prefer its combination with milk coffee, it fits perfectly well with the regular brewed version. If you have cinnamon sticks sitting around your kitchen cabinets, you can use them as stirrers or even straws for your hot or iced coffee.

Coffee and Mint

Who says you can only put mint leaves on teas?. Many people testify how good coffee and mint taste. Adding a piece of the mint leaves wouldn't do much, but try adding a couple of pieces more, and you will see the difference.

Coffee and Orange Zest

This will not make your coffee tastes sour, but the infusion of orange zest to coffee will surely take it up a notch. Leave the zest to infuse for a couple of minutes, then strain them, so that no bits of the zest go along while sipping your coffee.

Coffee and Vanilla

This is my favorite. Vanilla, just like cinnamon is so universal, that you can put it in almost everything. I highly suggest that you opt for the natural vanilla bean, but we all know that they are costly and hard to find. Vanilla extract can do well enough by adding a couple of drops, and it can give a creamy dimension to your coffee.

Coffee shops near you might be able to offer one or two combinations mentioned in this blog, but it is a lot easier to try or experiment these in the comfort of your home, isn't it?



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